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Creswell Clay Target Sports Membership Renewal / Application

Release of Creswell Clay Target Sports, Inc. from Negligence Claims and Liability - In consideration for the use of the equipment and facilities of Creswell Clay Target Sports, Inc., Hereinafter referred to as “The Club”, located in Creswell, Oregon, including access to the real property and its improvement located theron, I knowingly and voluntarily release the Club and its officers, directors, employees, agentCs and all owners and lease of the property belonging to the Club, from any and all liability and claims for damages or injury to my property or to myself which may arise from the negligence of the Club or its officers, directors, employees, agents or owners whether said negligence is direct, indirect, vicarious or otherwise based upon employment or agency.

I am signing this release in consideration of being allowed to participate in the activities offered by the Club which include, but are not limited to, the operation and maintenance of the surrounding property and the regular and customary transportation and use of firearms in and around the Club property. I understand and appreciate the risks associated with the use of firearms and the possibility of injury associated with the use and enjoyment of Club facilities and any other claim of negligence that I might otherwise have against the Club and its representatives for injury to my person or damages to my property.

I further understand and acknowledge that this is a legal binding contract for the release of all negligence claims and by signing this document I hereby acknowledge that I have read and fully understand the release. If applicable, I am also signing this release on behalf of my minor child (children) who accompany me to the Club and hereby release the Club from any and all negligence claims which may arise on my child behalf. I have listed my child’s (children’s) names below.

This release in full force and effect upon its signing and shall not expire or otherwise be deemed void by the passage of time shall be effective and enforceable for each occasion that I enter upon the premises owned and operated by the Club, regardless of whether I participate in any shooting activities.

I also acknowledge that should I engage in any activity deemed by the Club officers or directors to be dangerous or detrimental to the health or safety of Club members and guests that my permission to enter or remain upon Club premises can be revoked. In the event of said revocation I agree to immediately vacate the premises and not return unless specifically invited or permitted to do so in writing by the Club or its authorized agent. Said revocation shall be authorized by a vote of the majority Club officers and directors present at the time of the misconduct.

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