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5 Stand Shooting

About 5 Stand

Similar to sporting clays, 5 stand shooting offers a variety of options when it comes to targets. In this fun and exciting game, shooters remain in designated areas (one of 5 stands) and aim for clays thrown from varying traps. This game combines elements of trap and skeet, making it a fun experience for everyone.

5 Stand Shooting

How to Play

This game can be played alone, with a single friend, or up to 4 others. Shooters take their turn at each stand before rotating to the next. The combinations of targets thrown will vary from stand to stand, resulting in shooters always being kept on their toes. Clays are thrown from 6-8 different traps and range in speed, direction and size. From throws resembling darting birds to fleeing rabbits, 5 stand shooting covers it all. Each shooter will have 5 targets at each shooting stand, (25 in total per shooter).

Instructions will be given at the beginning of each stand explaining the types of shots that will be presented. In general, each stand follows the same trend. The first target will be presented as a single target, followed by two pairs to end the stand. Pairs can be true pairs or report pairs.

True Pair: Two different targets thrown at the same time.
Report Pair: The second target is thrown after the shooter has completed their first shot.

While shooters are participating in the thrilling game, a score keeper will be tallying up totals and announce the scores.

5 Stand Shooting

5 Stand Shooting Rules To Keep In Mind

  • Keep guns empty when moving from stand to stand.
  • Load guns only when in ready position on stand.
  • Stay in the designated area.
  • Shooters can only leave the stand when directed to by the instructor.

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