Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting in the Willamette Valley

About Trap

In the game of singles trap, five shooters stand on a trap field sixteen yards behind a single house from which the targets are launched. Targets are of a constant height but vary in direction through a predetermined pie-shaped arc. Each contestant shoots five shots from each post, with 25 shots comprising one round.

Trap gets its name from the original English game where live pigeons were trapped under a hat, and pulling a string attached to the hat released the birds. Today, many shooters still call “pull” to launch the targets, which are often referred to as birds or clay pigeons.

Trap Shooting

Different Variations Of Trap Shooting

In handicap trap shooting, shooters stand at the 19 and 27-yard line depending on their ability. In double trap shooting, two targets are launched simultaneously, and the shooter shoots at one target and then the other. Wobbles trap shooting is a variation in which the height of the target is not constant.

Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting Challenges & Events

On most Tuesday evenings, our club hosts a fun challenge game such as “Annie Oakley” or “backer”. For more information on our shooting challenges, give us a call, or check out our event calendar.

Trap Shooting Tournaments

Sanctioned tournaments are held under the auspices of the Amateur Trapshooting Association or the Pacific International Trapshooting Association. Creswell Clay Target Sports also offers practice, leagues, and non-sanctioned club tournaments.

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